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Crowd Muscle Research - The Private Crowd

Submitted by: Aslam Jamal


Crowd Muscle was founded with the goal of lowering the barriers to reliable primary market research, while providing businesses with the ability to leverage the "Power of the Crowd" across a range of marketing and market research activities.


Our Private Crowd offering creates a new company asset by leveraging previously scattered and limited-purpose sources of customer information to build an opted-in "crowd" of brand champions. Using a proprietary crowd-building process, a new corporate asset, a Private Crowd, is established. Crowd members are richly profiled and segmented using our proprietary Crowd Loyalty Index, allowing for numerous new and creative ways to connect with existing customers.

Building a Private Crowd is a dramatically different way of thinking about customer loyalty, and ultimately improving profitability. As part of the crowd-building process, each crowd member shares certain demographic and psychographic information about themselves. This allows companies and organizations to better segment their customers, understand where they are on the customer loyalty ladder, establish better lines of communications and strengthen valued customer relationships. Knowing this information, allows us to better leverage these high-value crowd members to increase sales and increase profits.

The Private Crowd answers the following key questions through our Crowd Analyzer:
- What are my key customer segments?
- Who are my most loyal customers?

Once a Crowd has been built, it can be leveraged in a number of ways including:
• Targeting marketing messages to specific customers segments;
• Engaging crowd members - create online experiences that appeal to a particular customer group with desirable demographics;
• Connecting crowd members to market research initiatives;
• Learning which customers are interested in participating in regular dialogue; and
• Rewarding customers for their willingness to try new products and services.

A Private Crowd is also more than just a snapshot in time - it is a living, breathing representation of your most loyal customers. Periodic refreshes is all it takes to ensure your corporate crowd remains healthy and continues to provide a strong return on your investment for years to come.

So when can you start building your own Private Crowd? We will be doing a "Preview Launch" for a limited group of organizations later this summer, so if you're interested in taking part you can contact us directly:

Twitter: @crowdmuscle

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British Columbia

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