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Tiipz - A social platform for Micro Research

Submitted by: Jason Cyr

The Tiipz plaform gives businesses a brand new way to reach out and gain insights from customers by creating and sharing Micropinions. (Yeah we coined that term)

Micropinions are essentially revved-up poll questions that behave a little like tweets... They are fast to create, easy to answer, and are very socially share-able. Where they differ from tweets is in the amount of quantitative data they they collect and in the amount of customer engagement they create.

Businesses get value by gaining insight into their customers, and also by creating social content that invites interaction. The customers are awarded a point for each Micropinion they answer so they are then rewarded by redeeming those points for merchandise from that business.

Its a winning combination for everyone! Customers voices are heard, businesses get faster, easier market insight, and rewards encourage continued participation and patronage.

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British Columbia

Comments (5)

Elliot said:

Posted 4 years 13 weeks ago

The Squamish Chamber of Commerce are proud supporters of Tiipz. Brining the future closer...
Good luck

Ernst Schneider said:

Posted 4 years 13 weeks ago

This looks fantastic! Can't wait to learn more.

Paul Hannan said:

Posted 4 years 14 weeks ago

A lot of possibilities with this one...

Tara Franz said:

Posted 4 years 14 weeks ago

This tool looks like it can really change the way companies engage with customers. Psyched to see it grow!

Shawn Mabey said:

Posted 4 years 14 weeks ago

Tiipz looks like a great product that fills a necessary void in the marketplace.

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