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Submitted by: Brad Palmer

The Jostle™ platform tames organizational complexity. Connecting employees and aligning teams has always been hard. In today’s dynamic and networked world, the task has become a serious efficiency drain for leaders and employees alike.

Enter Jostle... providing a simple, elegant way for employees to navigate, explore and search their organization, across silos, locations and systems. Through a web interface accessible from any internet-enabled device, the Jostle platform solves the problem of capturing what is *really* going on by:

- Finding out who does what, where
- Discovering hidden expertise and connecting people fast
- Fostering cross-organization teams and collaboration
- Quickly locating key team information, no matter what location/system it resides on
- Utilizing social media tools within the context and culture of their organization

Jostle is a Vancouver based startup that is helping organizations adapt to a more collaborative, global, mobile and app-enabled world. Commercially launched in early 2011, nearly 100 organizations have already subscribed to Jostle, including the City of Medicine Hat with over 1,200 employees online. The company is seeking additional funding to expand its market entry and platform potential.

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British Columbia

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