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Hoseanna: Serving Busy Women Everywhere

Submitted by: Hoseanna is the new auto-ship service that delivers the monthly essentials women have to (but sometimes hate to) buy. With just a few clicks, women can shop a curated collection of best-sellers and trusted brands in pantyhose, intimacy, feminine care and health & beauty; pick the auto-ship schedule that fits their needs; and strike a bold line through their endless to-do list while Hoseanna does the rest. Hoseanna makes it fun, easy and discreet to buy the girlie stuff found in every woman's drawer.

Hoseanna launched 100 days ago as a hosiery subscription service, but is already evolving its offerings based on early customer feedback. In early August, Hoseanna will unveil its new branding, website and product categories. For a sneak peek at Hoseanna's new homepage, click HERE

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British Columbia

Comments (3)

David Cox said:

Posted 4 years 8 weeks ago

Love it. Like all brilliantly conceived ideas, how has this not been done before? Next will you get we men folk to engage...pick some sexy lingerie for our significant other and add to the order?? Surprise!

David Yates said:

Posted 4 years 8 weeks ago

Instinctively brilliant idea. Digital wallet business is a major wave and Hoseanna is on the crest ! You have my support !

Ted Carroll said:

Posted 4 years 8 weeks ago

What an absolutely great idea! A major time-saver for busy women at a very reasonable cost. Now I won't have to stand in line for items I use regularly, deal with ornery crowds and clerks, give up my time I would sooner use for meetings, the gym, walking the dog, or having a refreshing margarita.

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