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Submitted by: Lynda Brown

zuluMe is a totally private social circle for you and your top 10 friends. If you like Google+ you'll love zuluMe and if you need a BBM alternative for your iphone, this is it. zuluMe is the only totally private network where you and your posse can send free group messages, share location photos, dedicate songs, send gifts, post polls and more. Check it out here:

We built zuluMe for people who want to keep some things private. Because, let's face it, you can't really be best friends with 512 people and maybe there are some things you don't want the whole world to know.

With zuluMe you get your own private social network for you and the people you want to stay connected with all the time, for real. It's like BBM on steroids with a whole lot of personality and no text fees.

You get to customize your avatar, post real time mood updates, and chat with one, many or all of your network using your data connection. You can share location and location-based photos, all in private.

Our poll feature lets you survey your own network on everything from where to meet for dinner to your favorite hockey team. And just for fun you can dedicate songs to your top 10 friends, send gifts, clothing and more.

Come to the bright side and make social networking fun again, with your own intimate circle of friends.

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British Columbia

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